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Why Trade Options? 

Options are the most powerful financial derivative created. Did you know that you can generate consistent weekly income using options? Learn what implied volatility is and how it can supercharge your trading.

Advanced Pricing Model

Learn how to use this advanced option pricing model to pinpoint your exact risk profile, so you can prepare each trade with uncanny accuracy.  Trading Options this way gives you better control and accuracy.  

3 Secrets Of Options

Trading options offers leverage, flexibility, and risk management opportunities for enhanced profitability and portfolio protection.  Learn the power of these three secrets together. 

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How To Pick Winning Option Trades
Discover a winning option trading strategy that simplifies your path to success. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to options, this approach offers a clear and effective way to pick winning trades. Take control of your investments and unlock the potential for financial growth with a strategy that prioritizes clarity, precision, and profitability in the dynamic world of options trading.
All stocks are selected with the same criteria that are repeatable and systematic
Each stock is vetted by four specific criteria that are like jet fuel for stocks. 
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